If you’re a hat lover (and who isn’t?) you may have heard that Theodore Roosevelt was wearing a Montecristi straw hat, made in Ecuador of course, when he inaugurated the Panama Canal. Everyone just assumed he’d picked his hat up in Panama, and began calling it, and any straw hat they saw, a Panama hat. […]

Wear A Kangol Hat for a Classic Style

Kangol hats from the Kangol Clothing Company are flat, stylish caps, bucket caps, and berets manufactured with exceptionally smooth and soft wool that comes from Angor rabbit fur and are mixed with other fibers such as acrylic. The result is a unique and very stylish hat that is supple and soft to the touch. At […]

Kangol 504 vs. 507: How are They Different?

The Kangol 504 and 507 hats are two of the most well-known and distinctive of this hat brand. They reflect the company’s unique style when it comes to hats. When you think of Kangol, you think of these hats. At SherlockS in Jerusalem, Israel, we offer a wide assortment of Kangol hats, including the Kangol […]

Straw Fedora Hats – Classic Style and Comfort at its Finest

A classic fedora hat has a distinctive pinched crown and a medium to wide brim, but it has other characteristics that allow it to be molded into many style variations. There was a time when fedora hats were worn by almost every male, but these days while fedoras hang in many men’s closets, the hat […]


At SherlockS, we rarely see a person try on a hat and say, “it fits perfectly”. Each person’s head is ever so slightly different than the next. Nevertheless, most hat companies offer just four distinct sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. A few offer sizes extra-small to extra-extra-large and fewer still offer hats by head […]

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