Wear A Kangol Hat for a Classic Style

Kangol hats from the Kangol Clothing Company are flat, stylish caps, bucket caps, and berets manufactured with exceptionally smooth and soft wool that comes from Angor rabbit fur and are mixed with other fibers such as acrylic. The result is a unique and very stylish hat that is supple and soft to the touch. At SherlockS in Jerusalem, Israel, we offer a wide array of Kangol hats and other hats to match the preferences of many.

The soft fabric of Kangol hats makes them unique and popular. They have an exceptional appearance from the Angora wool that gives them a fur texture. The only way to fully understand the appeal of one of these hats is to wear one.

Main Types of Kangol Hats

Two of the main types of Kangol hats are the Kangol hat 504 and Kangol hat 507. There are other variations of the Kangol hat as well.

Our Selection of Kangol Hats

We offer a wide-ranging selection of Kangol hats that are ideal for various outfits and occasions. These include: 504 Rib Plaid Cap, Tropic 504 Cap, 504 Wool Flat Cap, 507 Distressed Morse Cap, 507 Bamboo Ivy Cap, 507 Ventair, 507 Tropic Ivy Cap, Beam Rib 507 Cap, 507 Wool Cap, Bermuda Strip Bucket Hat, Bermuda Bucket Hat, Casual Rain, Tropic Casual Bucket Hat, Tropic 504 Vent Air Cap, Wool Arnold Trilby, Tropic Casual Bucket Hat, and Wool Spitfire Cap.

Choosing a Kangol Hat

As you browse through the various Kangol hat options available, including Kangol hat 507 styles and Kangol hat 504 styles, you may want to choose a 507-style hat for a sporty, modern, sharp-looking appearance that is fun and clean. Or you may want to opt for the 504 style Kangol hat for a more authoritative, subdued, richer, and classier look. You can hardly go wrong either way. There are also a variety of other Kangol hat and cap options available that you can match your outfit with based on style, color, weather conditions, and simply preference.


To learn more about the Kangol hats we offer at SherlockS which are ideal for various matching attire and occasions, check out the Kangol hat selection we offer our website, leave us a message on WhatsApp at 02-563-7155, or reach us through our contact form.

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