Justine Hats- One Woman’s Fancy

Justine Hats is a hat company based in Israel which features an expansive line of hats for Men and Women for any season!

About Justine Hats

When it comes to creating eclectic, exciting, and superior quality hats, Yael Cohen, the brain and brawn behind the Justine label, does it all. Using only natural materials, Yael produces two major collections of stylish, practical and avant-garde hats. She’s a millinery artist, not afraid to present a line of burnt sienna hats that fire-up the imagination or luxurious wide brim hats with carefully placed brim holes that let in both the sun and the compliments.


Justine Hats travel the globe, from Israel to Japan, The United States, England, and beyond. Every season brings new surprises in color, style, and shape, such has her classic Fedoras with matching or contra-matching cloth bands, and her round mixed color hats that feature high crowns that whose edges lift up to create a modern “flapper” look.


Yes, she’s a one woman show, but the superb craftsmanship produces the Justine line and the largess of hats plush with color and style combine to give the wearer the confidence to know she is sure to be the center of attention.


To learn more about the Justine hats we offer at SherlockS which are ideal for various matching attire and occasions, check out the Justine Hat collection we offer our website, leave us a message on WhatsApp at 02-563-7155, or reach us through our contact form.

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