At SherlockS we rarely see a person try on a hat and say, “It fits perfectly”. Each person’s head is ever so slightly different than the next. Nevertheless, most hat companies offer just four distinct sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large. A few offer sizes Extra-Small to Extra-Extra-Large. And fewer still offer hats by quarter inch head sizes, 6 ¾”. – 7 5/8” (54 cm-63 cm).

In a store like SherlockS we can adjust a hat to conform to your head. But how do you buy a hat online that really fits? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. MEASURE YOUR HEAD: Starting from the middle of your forehead, measure all around your head. Keep in mind that in inches 6 ¾ – 6 7/8 is Small, 7 – 7 1/8 Medium, 7 ¼ – 7 3/8 Large, 7 ½ – 7 5/8 Extra Large (in centimeters 54-55 is Small, 56-57 Medium, 58-59 Large, and 60-61 Extra-Large). Those numbers vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  2. HAT MINIMIZERS AND EXPANDERS: Most people need a hat minimizer or a hat expander to create the perfect fit. Hat minimizers are strips of foam that can bring down the hat size from just a tad to almost a whole size. They’re easily inserted inside the hat behind the liner. Hat expanders stretch your hat. They cost around $25. If you don’t own one it makes sense to order a slightly larger hat than what you measured around your head. SherlockS provides two strips of hat minimizer with every hat. They’re designed to make your hat fit just right.

     When you receive your hat you need to look for signs that the hat may not fit perfectly. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. If there’s too much space between the hat and your temples, it’s too large.
  2. If you move your head from side to side and the hat wobbles on your head, it’s too large.
  3. If you put on the hat and after a while you see a red line on your forehead, it’s too small. (You should have ordered one size up)
  4. If you have to hold onto your hat in an average wind, it’s too large.
  5. If your hat is more than an inch above your ears it’s probably too large.

When you receive your hat, and your foam minimizer, experiment by putting the foam in different areas inside the hat liner. When the hat feels comfortable, peel away the protective strip on one side of the minimizer and stick it onto the inside of your hat.

For those whose hair length varies from time to time, you may want to leave the foam minimizers in your hat without sticking them. That way you can take one or both out when your hair grows long. The foam minimizer also soaks up sweat on those beat-the-heat summer days.



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