There’s practically nothing you can’t buy online (including love, it would seem). And yet there are things that are more difficult to purchase in an online store.

One of them is a hat.

You have to be hat savvy to buy a hat online, if for no other reason than hats are sold in three ways:

  1. One Size Fits Most (OSFM) – This is the new wave of sizing for women’s hats. It’s a system that makes life easy for hat makers and online hat sellers. But you, as the buyer have only one size available, usually Medium, so you have to be extra careful about sizing. OSFM has become the sizing of choice for a number of leading hat makers, including Dorfman Pacific, Betmar, Sunday Afternoons, and others. The good news is that sometimes there’s a set of strings inside these OSFM hats. When you pull the strings it tightens the lining inside the hat to conform to your hat size. But make sure that your head size is Medium or smaller, especially if you expect to put all your hair into the hat.
  2. General Sizing: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Sometimes XX-Large. This is a fairly standard range of head sizes used by well over 80% of the hat makers worldwide. You just measure the circumference of your head, usually from the top of your forehead all around, and then match it to a chart which says something like, 54-56 Small, 57-58 Medium, 59-60 Large, 61-62 X-Large. This isn’t an exact science and many times one company’s Small is another company’s Medium, etc. It’s at this point that most of the online hat “returns” occur. If your head turns out to be 56 ½ and your hat is too small or too large you have little recourse. The online store of SherlockS is actually one of the few companies that includes free hat reducers to allow for quarter or even half- inch reduction.
  3. By the Numbers: 54, 55 1/8, 55 ¼, 55 3/8, 55 ½, etc., which includes almost all the possible head sizes. Many classic hat companies like Stetson, Bailey’s and Borsalino work with this individualized form of measuring your hat size. But online hat companies tend to shy away from promoting this form of sizing because instead of purchasing just 4 hats of a style (S,M,L,XL), they’re forced to buy 8,10 or more of a single hat style, which makes the likelihood of being left with a hat or two (or three) in inventory at the end of a season inevitable. However, SherlockS Hats.Com always takes the full range of sizing offered. That way you get top quality and a perfect fit.

It is also important to know that hand-made hats, especially Panama hats but also many of the higher quality hats made individually, are rarely exactly the same. One Medium size hat may be just a drop larger or smaller than another.

So before you buy a hat online make sure the online hat store offers you at least:

  1. Free shipping.
  2. Hat reducers that come with your purchase of any sized hat. This allows you to make your hat a bit smaller if need be. By the way, that’s why SherlockS suggests that if you’re buying a high quality hat that has eighth and quarter inch sizing, make sure to order your hat one eighth or quarter inch size larger than your head size. That way you’ll be able to use the hat reducers to personalize your hat size and have it fit just right.
  3. Professional hat mayvens that can answer your questions about hat size, color and style. SherlockS, which offers you a wide selection of hats from top hat companies, and also from great milliners in Israel, can help you feel good about the hat you purchase.


Head Circumference Adult Hat Size
Inches Centimeters Fitted Easy Fit Sized Stretch Fit Stretch Fit/Adjustable
21 1/4 54 6 3/4 Small (S) Small/Medium (S/M)
21 5/8 55 6 7/8
22 55.9 7 Medium (M) One Size Fits Most
22 3/8 56.8 7-1/8 Medium/Large (M/L)
22 3/4 57.8 7-1/4 Large (L)
23 1/8 58.7 7 3/8
23 1/2 59.7 7 1/2 XL Large/XL (L/XL)
23 7/8 60.6 7 5/8
24 1/4 61.6 7 3/4 XXL
24 5/8 62.5 7 7/8
25 63.5 8


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