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A17040 by Justine Hats

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Justine Hat is a millinery label that reflects the fascinating encounter between fashion, art and design. The collections reflect on the eternal debate between these two strong current, with dramatic, finessed pieces. Material: 100% Wool Felt Style cadet cap hat Soft felt

Brian Felt Fascinator by Justine

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An asymmetrical curve makes this hat a real eye-catcher. Worn at a deep slant, its a Justine creation that’s both classy and fun to wear.

Round Crown Felt Hat by Justine

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This upbeat floppy has a foamy round crown and a ribbon with electric pulse that creates a spark of intellect wherever you go. Brim: 2″ approx Fabric: 100% wool felt Women’s felt hat with golden foil Made in Israel

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The hats created at Justine Studio are fully hand crafted, and are based upon the old art of traditional hat making. The studio designs & produces two collections each year – winter & summer. Each collection differs in the materials, design line & concept.

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