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Cadet Leather Cap by Capas Headwear

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Tough Leather Cap Stands at Attention! When you’re as rugged as this cap, you don’t need to be fancy. Thick, black leather give this unlined cap plenty of attitude. Warm and durable, this is the type of hat that develops more character with age. Material:  100% Authentic Leather Cotton Sweatband  

Gambler by Capas

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Take your broad-brimmed hat anyplace! This classic gambler hat is about as durable as they come. Made with incredible wool “Lite Felt,” the Crushable Gambler is both water repellent and packable when carefully “crushed” from side to side—not flatten top to bottom. Warm and comfortable. Crown: 3 1/5″ high  Brim: 3 1/4″ in wide roll brim 100% Wool Felt Water repellent  Crushable

Godfather by Capas

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Capas Wool Godfather Classic Homburg Fedora – Featuring a rolled brim with matching binding, removable feather, pearl hatpin and a center crease. A traditional favorite. This Godfather hat shows distinction at any occasion. Huge selection of colors. Brim: 2 3/4-inch preformed. Crown: 4 1/4-inch center crease. 100% Wool Felt  

Legion Hat by Capas Headwear

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Can’s decide if you want a hat or a cap? How about a blend of both? The Legion is a French- styled felt hat with the telescoping crown of a pork pie and the peak of a cap. With its hand- stitched matching ribbon and contrast feather, it will help you get the attention you deserve. Crown: Telescoping/Flat Fabric:  Wool Felt French Style Hand stitched ribbon  

Light Felt Safari by Capas Headwear

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The LF-Safari is an affordable fedora you can actually take with you on your trip, possessing both durability and a timeless, dapper look sure to make heads turn. Featuring a center dent crown and grosgrain dress band. Feather optional. Brim: 2 1/4″ (5.7 cm) Snap Brim Crown:  4″ (10 cm) Center Dent Material: 100% Light Wool Felt Crushable/ Packable Water Repellent Cotton Sweatband Feather Unlined Made in the USA      
Boldly define your arrival with a Western flair. Not only is the Outback Wool Felt Crushable Hat a handsome devil with a teardrop crown and thin, masculine leather hat band, it is about as versatile as a hat can be. Brim: 2 3/4″ (7 cm) Crown: 4 1/2″ (11.5 cm) Teardrop Crown Material: 100% Lite Felt Crushable/ Packable Water Repellent Made in the USA

Regal Furfelt Fedora by Capas

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This conservative, yet fashionable furfelt hat exudes self confidence, with just a touch of panache. The prominent “dimples” on the crown and pearl pin add a sophisticated look that can’t be ignored. Brim: 1 3/4″ approx Crown: Pinch Front Fabric: Furfelt Lined Pearl Pin & Feather  

Untouchable Wool Felt Fedora by Capas Headwear

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Fedora hats for men that are stylish and affordable peak with a certain G-man flair.  As one of the most affordable men’s dress hats on the market, you can buy several to make sure you are covered for your entire wardrobe. The Untouchable fedora is a classic men’s dress hat. Brim: 2 1/2″ (6.5 cm) Snap Brim Crown: 4″ (10 cm) Center Dent Material: 100% Stiff Wool Felt Lustrous grosgrain bow band. Satin Lining  Leather sweat band Made in the USA  

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Capas is a huge company based in New York. Known for their quality American made products, they offer many styles of newsboys, fedoras, panama hats, and the very popular Big Apple cap

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