The Environmental Protection Ministry has detected mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus in Jerusalem.

In Israel, the disease is transmitted primarily via Culex Pipiens and Culex Perexiguus mosquitoes. The virus is most active in Israel from August through October . There is no vaccine against West Nile Fever.

But there is a way to protect yourself against being bitten by mosquitoes that carry the disease.

No Fly Zone hats, a collaboration between America’s Stetson Hat Company and Burlington Industries. They have created an odorless, invisible insect-repellent hat that drives off insects the instant they land on it. The material is used to protect the soldiers in the U.S. Army from diseases transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. It is also recommended for use by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) in the States.

No Fly Zone Insect Repellent Technology infuses the hat with permethrin, a natural flower-based chemical that repels mosquitoes, ants, ticks, chiggers, flies, midges, and more. It’s odorless and invisible, so you can’t even tell the chemical is there…but the bugs can! No Fly Zone hats can help protect you from mosquito bites on the face, head, and neck, where  mosquito bites often occur.   All No Fly Zone hats can be washed up to 70 times without losing their efficacy.

No Fly Zone hats have the added advantage of protecting you with a UPF of 50 and offer excellent UV protection from the sun’s rays.

So, if you’re coming to Israel for the Holidays, or just visiting anytime during October get the protection that will significantly prevent The West Nile Virus.

Available at SherlockS Hats.


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