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Sherlock Holmes by Denton

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The most famous wearer of a deerstalker is undoubtedly the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, who is popularly depicted favouring this style of cap. Show your devotion by purchasing the Deerstalker cap by Denton with flaps that can be worn down or tied up on top. Crown Height: approx 2.5 inches Satin Lined with Grosgrain Ribbon Sweatband Sturdy Dual Brims to protect face and neck from the elements Durable, warm and comfortable Made in England

Sherlocks Harris Tweed Deerstalker by Glencroft

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Traditionally known as a Deerstalker, this hat was worn in Scotland and England to keep out wind and rain during the deer hunting season. The front and rear bills protect the face and neck from wind and rain, while the ear flaps can be tied securely when it’s really chilly. The quilted satin inside lining makes for soft, cozy wearing. The best Deerstalkers are made of Harris Tweed wool and come in an array of herringbone patterns. They are ideal for camouflage, which is probably why detective Sherlock Holmes wore it in the movies. Get the proper fit and you’ll never find a more comfortable hat. Fabric:  100% wool genuine Harris Tweed and includes the official Harris Tweed authority label for verification. Style: Deerstalker Quilted satin inside lining Made in the UK Please Note: We supply these hats in a variety of natural tweed colors. Colors available may be different to those seen in these photos – it all depends on the Harris Tweed we have in stock at a particular time. Please contact us for our current available stock.

Showing all 2 results

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