This is the week that we pay homage to a piece of clothing that has saved many people from serious danger. Hats are the one garment that offers absolute protection from head, nose and neck cancer. In winter or summer, when head colds can immobilize evening an otherwise healthy person, son, wearing the right hat can keep you warm in cold weather and cool in those heat-filled days so you don’t become susceptible to the germs that come with weather fluctuations.

Of course, hats are also meant for fun, pomp and glory. They let you hang loose, bring sober tranquility to formal occasions, protect you from falling objects, and are mandatory if you want to march to a drummer.

So, find a hat store and the hats that best represent you in summer and winter during this cold winter, and enjoy National Hat Week.

And just to make National Hat Week even more enjoyable, SherlockS is offering a FREE HAT of your choice when you enter your name in the  SherlockS Leap Year Raffle, which lasts all the way until February 29.

“If The Hat Fits, It’s SherlockS!”

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