Want to go head-to-head with a dolphin? Eilat’s Dolphin Reef is a horseshoe-shaped sea-pen where bottle nose dolphins meet and greet you. The Coral World Underwater Observatory is the largest aquarium in Israel and hosts over 800 species. And if you like the outdoors, the clear blue beaches and mountain paths are a vacation dream.

But it pays to keep covered when you go outside. Suntan lotion isn’t  enough. You need real protection that you don’t have to put on every hour or two. Many people underestimate the powerful rays of the sun which are known to cause skin cancer on a person’s exposed head, face, and neck. For total coverage of these sensitive areas, only a hat will do.

SherlockS Hats offer you complete sun protection with a great selection of straw, silk and cloth hats, many wide-brimmed to make sure the you’re protected from the sun’s rays.  If you want to see what’s cool in the Israeli world of hats, check out the latest designs of such expert Israeli milliners as Danielle Mazen and Justine, who sell their hats at SherlockS. And don’t forget the Stetson’s and Bailey’s hats that offer great style and airy comfort. No matter where you are, you can visit our online selection of men’s and women’s hats at www.sherlocksHats.com. And while you’re in Eilat, SherlockS offers you free shipping and free return.

Make sure you visit the newest attraction in Eilat, The Musical Fountain, the most exciting new attraction in the city. Enjoy the spectacular audiovisual show every night.

Eilat, Israel – February 9, 2019: Water and light show of Musical Fountain in Eilat, Israel.

If you’ve arrived in Eilat for a wedding or other joyous occasion, you’re in luck. SherlockS specializes in Hats For Simchas. There are short brims and medium brims, and even a few wide brim hats for men and women. Matching a dress or a gown is a cinch with their array of colorful hats and fascinators for all occasions.

Plus, SherlockS specializes in all sizes for both men and women. Their hats range in size from X-Tra Small to XX (and sometimes XXX) Large.  And if you’re really hard to fit, or in-between sizes, SherlockS uses special foam hat reducers that also work as a buffer, keeping sweat from destroying the hat.

So, tour to your heart’s delight, but be safe from the sun, and always look your best with a SherlockS Hat.

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